Mixing Your Background Music And Voice Recording

In your audio recording software, assuming it is Sony Sound Forge 10, it will be helpful to just go down the processes and tabs in order.  Whether you are voice recording at a home recording studio or recording in a music studio the process is the same to record audio.

The first tab, “file”, is pretty straightforward.  You can create a new file, open an existing file or extract audio from CD.

Let’s go to the second tab, “edit”.  Undo, cut, copy and paste are self explanatory.  You copy a portion of the audio file exactly the same way you would copy text in a Word document by dragging the cursor over it, highlighting it and select copy.  Then put the cursor where you want the audio file to be inserted and select paste.

The first option you will be using a lot is “paste special”.  This is how you will combine, or “mix”, your spoken words with a music track in the background, or underneath as I refer to it.  The first few times I did this I was totally confused, but now that I have stripped away all the techy speak it is simple.  The theory is that when you are mixing royalty free music with your sound recording there is a way to do that.  Using logic, you can follow that you need to have the audio file and the music file available.  Copy the music file to put on a separate track from the audio (spoken) file.  How you do that is called mixing and you do that using this “paste special” function.

Next time I will give you some fancy tricks, but for just straight forward mixing, first open the background music file, select all, then copy.  Now open the audio (spoken words) file and go back to the “edit” tab, go down to “paste special” and select “mix” in the drop down menu.  It will call up a window that lets you adjust the volume of the audio file and the background music by moving the levers.  Then click “okay” and you will have music in the background.

Pretty simple once you do it a few times.  There are fancy things, like if you want lead in music, then voice (like for instructions) then music and voice, or some combination thereof.  I decided since that is a little more sophisticated, I will cover that in a separate blog.

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